Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faux Real Painting

Techniques on Canvas

Students did not need to have drawing or painting experience to learn easy decorative faux techniques and finishes in March’s workshop taught by instructor Deborah Rolig.
Exploring the very useful step-by-step instructions on surface prep, paints, glazes, washes, crackle, transfer and texture techniques, students were able to achieve unique and stylish, distressed masterpieces. Everyone went home with a finished piece of original art that was ready to hang!

Soul Collage

ShaDeeLa student’s had been asking us for ages to come up with a class that they could use all of their left over scraps of paper and ephemera. Out of their request, Soul Collage was born. The focus was to dig deep into their spirit and find images that had personal meaning and significance. Using a 5X7 canvas, some students incorporated words and text, while others used color and texture. Of course, glitter made it into almost everyone’s canvas. The finished product was easy to pop into “ready made” frames with mats that will make a wonderful gift!
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