Tuesday, December 14, 2010


There is nothing better than having a daily reminder of life's important messages to keep you grounded and centered in this crazy world. That is exactly what student's walked away with after completing the Message In a Bottle workshop held at Queen's Ink. Deb provided instructions to transform a blank canvas into a beautiful piece of art work. Students used painting techniques to layer color and create depth, as well as decoupage techniques to add special messages and wisdom cards. At the end of day, everyone had a beautiful piece of artwork that showcased their creative talent and personal insight.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creative Days in Snow Hill

We had another great creative weekend in Snow Hill. On Friday night, the fun began with a wine tasting at Bishop's Stock. In between tasting the wonderful wines, we worked on individuals tags and bags to use for hostess and holiday gifts. Creativity was over the top!

On Saturday morning, we nurtured the creative spirit with the Nurture Threads Framed Affirmations workshop. Dee guided students through the process of transforming simple unfinished frames, along with plain fabric into a beautiful piece of
art. It was a great day, with everyone sharing tons of ideas and encouragement.

Check out the ShaDeeLa Facebook page to see more fun photos!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mark your Calendar!

ShaDeeLa Creative Trunk Show
Sunday, November 14th, 2010
11:00am – 4:00pm
Sharon and Kristina Fierstein’s Home
12106 Fern Lane, Bowie, MD 20715

Unique and handcrafted products, ready just in time for your holiday shopping. Join us for this one day show, featuring handmade local arts, sweet seasonal confections and a network of creativity.

Free admission includes beverages and treats to get us all excited about the holiday season!

Be one of the first 25 people to arrive and receive a fabulous handmade gift tag for free. Don’t forget to bring friends too!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Heading to Snow Hill

We are heading to Snow Hill for a weekend of creative workshops at Bishop's Stock. The fun will begin Friday night with a Wine and Tag workshop. Create six personalized gift tags and a wine gift bag, while sipping some reds and whites selected from the Bishop's Stock offerings. Class price is $37, which includes all supplies and a $15 credit towards a Bishop's Stock wine purchase.*

On Saturday morning, come nurture your creative spirit with the Nurture Threads Framed Affirmations workshop. You will transform a simple unfinished frame to encase a beautiful piece of art. Using fabric, golden thread, paint, rubber stamps and images from the ShaDeeLa Creative Collage sheets, you will learn techniques to design and layer images to create depth and focal interest. Class price is $48.

Don't miss out on all the fun! Call Ann Coates at Bishop's Stock (410.632.3555) today to register.

Advance registration required. Workshop space is limited.

*No cash back on the $15 wine credit.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Queen's Ink Debut

We had our grande debut at Queen’s Ink on Saturday, September 18 to rave reviews!

Creativity was in the air during our morning class, Nurture Threads lead by Dee. Students worked with fabrics, paints, stamps and our own collage sheets to create beautiful pieces of art, encased in decorated frames. Everyone left the class excited to go home and find a spot for their new artwork.

After lunch, we started our second class of the day, Soul Affirmations. A new crop of students (okay, there were two carry overs from the morning) eagerly began working on their books, directed by Deb on all the new techniques. The students left with the “affirmation book” as a reminder of their creative sides. And hopefully a desire to come to another

ShaDeeLa workshop soon!

Speaking of, be sure to check out our upcoming workshops at Snow HIll!

View more photos on facebook.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Retail Therapy.....

is just what we need as we head into the fall. Start by updating your studio.

Look for the newest stamps, the latest collage sheets and the most recent ink colors at Queen's Ink in historic Savage Mill. Proprietor Patti Euler keeps up with the latest art trends and makes sure to keep the best and most unique items in stock.

If your creative soul needs some direction with these new purchases, then be sure to check out the Queen's Ink class schedule. With natural light and open space, the QI studio is the perfect place to recharge and have some fun.

Don't forget to sign up for the ShaDeeLa Nurture Threads and Soul Affirmation classes. Space is limited and filling fast.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waste not....

When Dee and Deb's father, a fine artist, offered ShaDeeLa linen canvas scraps, we snatched them up. While we weren't sure what we would do with them, we were confident we could create something great.

With a swatch in hand, Dee headed to the fabric store for a quick trip and inspiration. The textures, the colors and the imagery got the creative juices flowing.

In her studio, she began experimenting with combinations of fabric, rubber stamps, paper, original artwork, mica powders and golden thread. The final product was the inspiration for Nurture Threads.

A great project for all levels. The next Nurture Threads class is being offered at Queen's Ink on September 18, 2010. Sign up soon as the class is filling up quickly!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Soul-Filled Afternoon in Snow Hill

This past weekend we returned to the art district of Snow Hill to teach our “Soul Affirmations” workshop. The class was held at Bishop’s Stock, a local art and wine gallery, which was the perfect backdrop for a soul searching and creative day.

Class began with Sharon explaining the definition of affirmations (a personal truth, for those who were unable to make it) and invited everyone to leave the cares of the world behind as they explored their own truths and creativity for the day.

Dee then gave a quick overview of the day and discussed the (soon to be famous) ShaDeeLa Class bag. Included in the bag for this class was the blank board book, grunge board, creative collage sheets, ‘soul’ tile, affirmation sheet (for a little soul nudge) and wooden crown and heart. Dee also went over the lay of the room, noting the “Share” table, loaded with stamps, ink pads, paints, brushes and scrap paper.

To get everyone started, Deb demonstrated the faux copper finish for the cover of the book, adding patina to give the Old World weathered look. Students then went to work on their own books, completing the cover and several pages throughout the afternoon. The final touch was a beautiful ribbon, run through grommets and tied into a bow, to keep those affirmations close.

The end projects were amazing, not only to us but to everyone in the class. The individual creativity was in abundance and a great reminder to us all that we are all creative, and should be so each and everyday. Everyone left with a special little book that reminds us of this fact and other little positive anecdotes, whenever we may need them!


Monday, June 28, 2010

She's Got Attitude....

ShaDeeLa's June class focused on recapturing youthful confidence and laissez-faire attitude. Starting with a blank canvas, instructors Sharon, Dee and Deb worked with students to turn childhood photos into modern, personal works of art. Students were encouraged to experiment with texture and color, with a focus on layering the two, by using stamp and transfer techniques. Everyone walked away with a picture perfect canvas... and a reminder that we all still have a little attitude!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


To open up the workshop, Dee shared several prototype examples, while reviewing the basic techniques of working with polymer clay. ShaDeeLa's students then began their mermaid contour "foundation" forming the essential parts that would be put together at the end. The parts were then given texture, pattern and interest using rubber stamp impressions. The "push mold" faces were adorned with clay accents such as hair, crowns and halos.

While the clay parts were in the oven baking, ShaDeeLa artists enjoyed a tea and cookie break as they pulled together the final accents to be added to their crafted Mermaid. After the clay cooled, artists embellished with color washes, seashells, jewels, beads and of course, glitter! The parts were assembled with wire, jump rings and beads completing a beautifully articulated Mixed Media Mermaid!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jointed Flower Doll

ShadeeLa’s workshop artists created cheerful jointed dolls sculpted with Sculpey Ultra Light clay in June's workshop. Copper wires were inserted into the sculpted legs, arms, torso and head and baked for 20 minutes. Each doll part was painted, adorned with rhinestones, beads, glitter, sealed with a satin varnish and then assembled. Each doll had a finished size of approximately 6 inches tall. They all had unique shapes, adornments and colors. It was fun to hear the names that each Flower Doll was assigned.

This was a full day class that included an incredible potluck lunch prepared by all attending.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Look Mahvelous Mirror

ShaDeeLa held it's "YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS MIRROR" workshop in early May. Participants received a wooden framed mirror, which soon became individual masterpieces! After transferring original designs to the frame, students painted, glittered and glued down items that gave dimension and interest. The final touch was using a wood burning tool to outline designs to create a "pop" effect. With the final pieces in hand, students walked out of class with a smile on their faces and a reminder that... "YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS!"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Road Trip!

Sharon, Dee and Deb usually take the month of August off. Vacations, preparations for the holiday trunk show (details coming soon!) and project development normally has the month filled. This year, however, an unexpected phone call had the ladies of ShaDeeLa heading north to Philadelphia. The project -- working with a group of girlfriends; The agenda -- finishing up partially completed projects. Sharon, Dee and Deb gave the friends new ideas and modernized a few old techniques. So much fun! This could be come an annual event.

"This was such a great Saturday with the girls - and productive too! Sharon, Dee and Deb were great instructors and really gave us all some wonderful ideas. I hope they have workshops in our area soon!"- Kris L.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creative Sparks Incubation Box

This workshop was developed specifically to spark that creative ember that glows within all of us and to keep that flame alive and burning bright!

Whether you are a writer, musician or an artist, your most creative ideas always seem to arise while in the shower, in a traffic jam or when tossing sleeplessly at night. Noting your ideas when they arise is crucial to the creative cycle. These boxes were designed to establish a holding place for written or sketched thoughts for future attention when one’s artist cycle is in its full moon.

While openly sharing their best known discovery (or aha) moments, students learned the technique of carving their own handmade rubber stamp using a linoleum cutter and a rubber blank. The circular boxes were adorned with paint, rubber stamping, burnt matchsticks and finalized with wood-burned accent.

Miniature Garden Delights

To honor the coming of Spring, ShaDeeLa’s guest instructor, Auralea Krieger from Nature’s Soul Miniatures led the “Miniature Garden Delights” workshop. Kits were distributed with everything we needed to create our own potted Hydrangea plants. They contained pre-cut tissue petals, hydrangea stalks, pre-cooked polymer clay heads, leaves and even a clay pot for the flower! Auralea shared her special techniques, inspiration and guidance and some of us cultivated our own. All participants left with their own miniature piece of art to cherish or give as a gift and most of all we left with a newly learned craft and a blossoming of our creative soul.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faux Real Painting

Techniques on Canvas

Students did not need to have drawing or painting experience to learn easy decorative faux techniques and finishes in March’s workshop taught by instructor Deborah Rolig.
Exploring the very useful step-by-step instructions on surface prep, paints, glazes, washes, crackle, transfer and texture techniques, students were able to achieve unique and stylish, distressed masterpieces. Everyone went home with a finished piece of original art that was ready to hang!

Soul Collage

ShaDeeLa student’s had been asking us for ages to come up with a class that they could use all of their left over scraps of paper and ephemera. Out of their request, Soul Collage was born. The focus was to dig deep into their spirit and find images that had personal meaning and significance. Using a 5X7 canvas, some students incorporated words and text, while others used color and texture. Of course, glitter made it into almost everyone’s canvas. The finished product was easy to pop into “ready made” frames with mats that will make a wonderful gift!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keepsake Pouches

ShaDeeLa’s February workshop was Keepsake Pouches, a class that guided students in creating unique pouches intended to store the most precious of treasures.

Instructors Sharon, Dee and Deb demonstrated how to turn a felt swatch into a keepsake. Students learned simple embroidery stitches, custom appliqué techniques and were encouraged to add personal touches such as buttons, beads and tassels. Simply hung up for display or given as gifts, students walked away from this workshop with a stunning and personalized present to be treasured for generations to come.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mosaic Reflections

Also in January, the ShaDeeLa workshop explored the art of creating mosaic mirror frames. Instructors Sharon, Dee and Deb reviewed the basic mosaic techniques including layout, design and focal point. ShaDeeLa’s students then began to create their colorful masterpieces. The mirror frames were created from a unique combination of vintage plates, old glass bottles, ceramic souvenirs, letter tiles and other treasured items. Classmates encouraged one another to create without inhibitions and were thrilled to take home a piece to reflect on!

Due to popular demand for this project, we plan to schedule another class in early Fall 2010. Email us if you’d like to receive our upcoming the workshop schedules.

“It was a relaxing and fun class. The playfulness of piecing together the “puzzle” took me back to being a free-spirited kid!”
- Kathy Kady, first time ShaDeeLa student

Soul-filled Shelters

One-of-a-Kind Mixed Media Treasures

ShaDeeLa’s first workshop of 2010 as an absolute success. Held in the quaint town of Snow Hill, Maryland, this workshop focused on taking meaningful objects and turning them into a Soul-filled Shelter.
Everyone seems to have a box of little curiosities collected during nature walks, gathered from yard sales and salvaged from the jewelry box. ShaDeeLa’s Soul-filled Shelter workshop focuses on turning these trinkets into an artistic reflection of a moment in the student’s life.

Starting with a small wooden house, ShaDeeLa instructors Sharon, Dee and Deb, guided students through the various steps of painting, stamping and embellishing to ensure each house met their artistic vision. By the end of the workshop, students had created Soul-filled Shelters with themes such as Burning Love, Dream, Create and Journey to name a few.


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