Sunday, June 27, 2010


To open up the workshop, Dee shared several prototype examples, while reviewing the basic techniques of working with polymer clay. ShaDeeLa's students then began their mermaid contour "foundation" forming the essential parts that would be put together at the end. The parts were then given texture, pattern and interest using rubber stamp impressions. The "push mold" faces were adorned with clay accents such as hair, crowns and halos.

While the clay parts were in the oven baking, ShaDeeLa artists enjoyed a tea and cookie break as they pulled together the final accents to be added to their crafted Mermaid. After the clay cooled, artists embellished with color washes, seashells, jewels, beads and of course, glitter! The parts were assembled with wire, jump rings and beads completing a beautifully articulated Mixed Media Mermaid!

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