Sunday, March 3, 2013

Incorporate Mixed Media and Texture into Your Blooming Painting!

Dig through your paper collection, art tissues, stencils,
 paints, markers, pastels and pencils. 
Search for interesting objects to create texture 
and pattern with.
Build painted backgrounds along with
 layers of paper, stencils, 
drips and splatters.
Patiently allow your painting to evolve as you 
let go of your worries and expectations.
Explore nature and invite it to inspire you with its wonderful textures and color combinations.
Begin to create with your paint palette, shapes and textures 
of your own making.

Join us for our upcoming workshop
 A Time to Bloom

We’ll encourage you to 
loosen up, relax, honor your intuition 
allow your creativity to emerge naturally and authentically.

See Workshop Schedule for further registration and class information.

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