Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soul-filled Shelters

One-of-a-Kind Mixed Media Treasures

ShaDeeLa’s first workshop of 2010 as an absolute success. Held in the quaint town of Snow Hill, Maryland, this workshop focused on taking meaningful objects and turning them into a Soul-filled Shelter.
Everyone seems to have a box of little curiosities collected during nature walks, gathered from yard sales and salvaged from the jewelry box. ShaDeeLa’s Soul-filled Shelter workshop focuses on turning these trinkets into an artistic reflection of a moment in the student’s life.

Starting with a small wooden house, ShaDeeLa instructors Sharon, Dee and Deb, guided students through the various steps of painting, stamping and embellishing to ensure each house met their artistic vision. By the end of the workshop, students had created Soul-filled Shelters with themes such as Burning Love, Dream, Create and Journey to name a few.


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