Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Building a Foundation...

Saturday's Mixed Media Painting Discovery Workshop was a great success and a valuable learning experience for all involved. Designed for budding artists with little or no painting experience, ShaDeeLa instructors guided them step by step on how to build a painting and trust that the end result would be a painting they would be proud to hang on their wall, students realized that this might require a leap of faith.

Based on 12 easy steps, students were able to witness the process of building a foundation and layering paint to create surface quality and focal point interest. It truly was a journey into self discovery and confidence. One student even described it as "art therapy".

As each painting unfolded and blossomed into it's final stage, it was clear that something special had happened during this class. Not only did students learn to trust their creative intuition, they confirmed to themselves that their hearts were able to open up into a beautiful expression of art.

For those who were unable attend this fabulous workshop and would like the opportunity to do so, please check our workshop page for additional Mixed Media Painting Discover Workshops.

Click on link to visit our Facebook page to see additional photos of the ShaDeeLa Creative Workshops: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ShaDeeLa-Creative-Workshops/138178482867875

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