Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Soul Affirmations Fabric Journal....

Once again The Queen's Ink in Savage Mill, Maryland provided the perfect gathering space for like-minded souls to meet and express their artistic abilities. Negative self-talk flew out the window and positive energy filled the room as we began to create a new language for ourselves that poured out onto soft fabric journals in the form of affirmations. Each journal was a unique expression of words, phrases and objects that resonated with each participant. The nostalgic act of sewing bits of personal ephemera felt grounding as we planted new seeds of thought that nourish the soul. This class truly touched everyone's heart and is for anyone looking for positive growth both artistically and spiritually.

Please join us on May 17th at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia for our next workshop. By the way, no sewing experience necessary!  

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