Friday, June 29, 2012

Take the Plunge and Push Past your Self-Imposed Limitations!

ShaDeeLa has two classes coming up that you don't want to miss. As children we were able to experience the sheer joy of creative expression with abandon. We painted, colored with crayons, played with clay and even made mud pies. We didn't care what other people thought and we did it because it fulfilled something within us. As we grew older, belief systems were formed and we began to stifle those creative urges out of fear. Fear of not conforming or being accepted. Many of us considered ourselves to be non-creative and that art and self expression was only for a chosen few. Little did we know that our inner artist still resides deep inside us and is waiting to be unleashed. "Fearless Painting" will allow you to explore and rediscover the joy of creative process without self judgment and limitations. "Journey into the Soul", a two day workshop takes you a little deeper by unlocking pent up energy that is held in the body. Gentle Yoga, breathing techniques, and music opens up the soul and allows energy to flow onto the canvas. No previous painting or yoga experience is required. Just come with an open mind and heart.

Visit our Workshop Schedule page to register for these workshops.

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